Put Down the Self Help Books and Live

self help books

Too often we try and find new ways or bullet points to be skinnier, viagra have more love, money, time, balance, etc…

That we FORGET To just live. Yes…LIVE. What does this mean? It means whatever you decide that is and it can change each delicious moment. For years I believed that popular figures knew more then I did or if someone had a PhD. They definitely knew more then me.? But, no one knows what is best for you.

I had ideas around help, and thought I was broken. The beliefs I were given was that I was not enough and that is cool because those beliefs led me to remember so much about life and me. Re-discovering and re-creating who you are is magnificent. When something does not FEEL good, then it is a sign that maybe there is a new road.

What happens is we begin to believe that LIFE is all about not FEELING good. That the good moments only arrive during Christmas, retirement or vacations. That in order to feel good we need to go on a diet, or work out excessively, or wear the perfect clothes and get the best job and be the “provider”. We need steps and an outline on how to feel.


We are innately feeling people. Our bodies know what foods feel good to eat, and what foods do not serve us. Our bodies know when we have worked too many hours. Our bodies know when the relationships we are choosing do not fill us with love. Our bodies know who we are, for they ARE our truth-o-meter.???To be blunt, self help is not what we need. We need to stop counting, stop distracting, stop analyze and just listen. Listen to what ever arises. Dance to your own rhythm. Change the channel when the radio or television is telling you that you are not enough.

Stop giving gurus or figures your power and BE power. Start living your life. Make up your own bullet points in bright colors.

Start listening more to the self, and depending less on what others think is BEST for you. You are enough. As is.

Now It’s time to play with that and TRUST it.