Mindfulness for Realz

I have been practicing the modalities of mindfulness for over 30 years. It wasn’t hip when I did it. I breathed in and out when I lost a dance competition at the age of 9 and wrote and colored in my journal when my parents divorced in my twenties.

To me, viagra 60mg it was not a label it was a means to express what was so bottled up in me and get it out so I could continue on in life, sildenafil being human.

This being human thing is complex. But now as I have watched both my parents die, and have facilitated and taught Mindfulness workshops I am left with a Huh?

I ” leaned into” (so to speak) bathing my own mom when she couldn’t. I ”leaned into” being present to my dad unable to eat anything but jello. And after that, when I am asked to teach mindfulness I always sit in wonder. What is there to teach?

Here is the deal. When we tuck our kids into bed and kiss them we are being mindful. There may not be a book stating that or we put this enormous amount of STRESS unto ourselves that we have to be more present. But in those moments, those seconds we are. We place value on bullet points and learning more when in reality we already are and we place little value onto that. Why?

Because we always believe someone knows better so we pay money and sign up to add Mindfulness to our bucket list. But this is an illusion. I teach adults this and kids and have learned in 20 years that the bottom line is, “Can we be okay with who we are as is?”

Mindfulness is another word for living real. Can we accept defeat? Can we continue to get out of bed when our hearts hurt? Can we grieve the way we want in our own timeline? Can we love our kids the way we know and trust our own process? Can we say no when we want to and yes when we want to? These things are the core of living real.

I have practiced and taught all modalities on the list of what is mindful for years, and I always am impacted by those who tell me “ I have my own way, can I do that?”

Those hit me. They may not meditate or walk mindfully but their courageous hearts know that the only way to define anything is by writing their own script.

For realz, what is being mindful? Can we accept we are human? Can we reflect and learn? Can we honor that “mistakes” are just opportunities? Can we let go of adding another thing to learn so we are better? Can we see that living is already a practice? And this practice is called life. Savor that. Be present in it. If you can’t be, make sure you honor that and not judge it. Make sure you say, “I want to be more alive tomorrow but I am loving me for not today.”

Take the time, to not only savor the complexities but also reflect on what they do provide, for they are enormous gifts. Find compassion. Not because you were told that is mindful but because it is a medicine for your soul and all those you love. Love your willingness. That is mindfulness for REALZ.


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