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Individual and family mediation with Playward founder, medications Jenny Ward, R.Y.T, M.F.A

Renowned speaker and author Jenny Ward has been seen across the country bringing play, work/life balance and parent workshops to Visa, You Tube, Merrill Lynch, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Stanford and numerous other corporations and non profits. Read Full Bio With years of experience and knowledge in the field of family development, mediation and counseling, Jenny now offers her services, one-on-one.

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This Service, Explained:
“Whole” Family Mediation: Parenting plans, custody and visitation. Child focused/family focused  mediation  services (older kids are a part of the mediation process.)

Child Mediation: Working with conflict or bullying with other kids in schools. Also, work done with educators and parents.

Mediation for Parents and Kids: Bridging the gap between parents and kids through mediation.

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The Process:
Each session will is suited to the needs of the individual, or group dynamic. A session may include role playing, games, puzzles, a simple discussion or problem solving.
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Counseling sessions are done by phone, skype or in person.