Mindfulness for Realz

Mindfulness is another word for living real. Can we accept defeat? Can we continue to get out of bed when our hearts hurt? Can we grieve the way we want in our own timeline? Can we love our kids the way we know and trust our own process? Can we say no when we want to and yes when we want to? These things are the core of living real.

Free to Be Me

What happens when we “grow up” that makes life seem so complicated? I have led workshops on play to children and adults all over the globe for years yet did not fully understand the simplicity of it, until that moment.

Anger and Acceptance

As someone that usually enjoys JOY and PLAY I have realized upon my aging that these two words also involve other feelings. Sometimes in order to understand the depth of joy we have a counter of pain that has gifted us.

Put Down the Self Help Books and Live

Too often we try and find new ways or bullet points to be skinnier, viagra have more love, money, time, balance, etc… That we FORGET To just live. Yes…LIVE. What does this mean? It means whatever you decide that is and it can change each delicious moment. For years I believed that popular figures knew […]