Dear Unknown

In the many years I have been alive, the one thing I never had a class in or learned to navigate well were unknowns. The What if’s so to speak that happen when we least expect it, or hardships that occur as a part of life

101 Ways to Play for Parents

A list to inspire parents to play more.

Put Down the Self Help Books and Live

Too often we try and find new ways or bullet points to be skinnier, viagra have more love, money, time, balance, etc… That we FORGET To just live. Yes…LIVE. What does this mean? It means whatever you decide that is and it can change each delicious moment. For years I believed that popular figures knew […]

10 Things I Have Learned About Grief

For those who are grieving and for those who may witness. It comes when you least expect it and there is no handbook. It could happen on the line at Trader Joe’s or at a park. Either way, viagra order when it comes its big, abortion let it be there. Cry and cry. Feel and […]

The Checklist

Be a good girl. Get good grades. Go to college. Graduate. Get married. Get a job and have kids or just have kids. This was my checklist. I learned it at an early age. I am not unusual nor subscribe to thinking I am, seek yet after 39 years on the planet, prostate my life […]