Playward’s Philosophy

About Playward: From Jenny Ward, Founder and CEO

Jenny_About Us PageAt Playward our services, education and counseling is based off of this simple philosophy; “We are all just kids, trying to be adults.”

In my personal growth I have realized, adults are still not sharing and still having temper tantrums in “grown-up” ways; shopping, overeating, drinking excessively, etc…  Ya see, escapism is the result of lacking connection, love and joy. Most people feel that PLAY is all about cartwheels and play-doh (which are cool), but it is much more than that, to me and to Playward.

This is how we play. Imagine how the following would “feel” in your life.

  • Can you play with LIFE, not against it? Create less resistance and more YES, okay, this is what it is, lets see what I can do about it that would make life more peaceful — and boy does it feel good too!

  • Can you feel and express who you are in this play called life without the FEAR? Getting rejected, losing a job, not being liked, feeling ignored… (fill in the blank here). The story we write is usually all the same…

  • Can you play in the darkest and hardest of times? Sometimes the attitude of play can lighten it up. Yes, it may still suck, but a light heart can truly change how you NAVIGATE and REACT in the darkness — and once again it just feels so darn good! (Notice a THEME here?)


For starters, take these steps…

  1. Instead of “mis-takes”, how about we applaud ourselves and go, “Yeah we just learned something about ourselves!” (Really cool to do with your kids, btw.)

  2. Instead of seeing “failures” perhaps try, “Wow I wonder what is coming in next? What an adventure, I am open to play!”

  3. Instead of playing in the negative perhaps play in the positive. Refocus energy spent talking about the BAD and spend more time and energy talking about the GOOD in others and YOURSELF!

  4. Instead of waiting for someone to play with you, “call you back”, or trying to fix yourself to GET others to like you, how about seeing if there is someone that LOVES you AS IS. There is no need to “get played” (hehehehehee)


Lastly… I personally believe that life is not meant to be survived.

Yet, there were times in my life when I did. So in a way I am an “expert” on what does NOT work and have explored numerous ways to PLAY with things that FEEL GOOD. Ya see, I have been to the bottom and I have been to the top. One thing remains the same. When I choose to look at life playfully, like this is my play, I can begin writing the scenes. I can write ROMANCE and FUN and not DRAMA and HORROR. It’s cool if sometimes I forget and create a play of horror, at least I have the humor to laugh at it and make it a playful “note to self”.